The United States Penitentiary in Atlanta did not open until 1902, but inmate case files contain documentation from as early as 1880 for prisoners who had been previously incarcerated by the federal government in other locations.

This series consists of individual case files for each inmate who entered the U.S. Penitentiary in Atlanta before 1921. Information contained in the file may include full name, other names used, inmate number, age at date of sentencing, race, date of incarceration, place of conviction, crime, sentence, fine amount and court fines and costs (if any), full-term release date, actual release date, and dispensation of inmate. Examples of dispensation include: served full sentence, good conduct time release, pardoned, medical early release, paroled, or deceased.

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Creator(s): Department of Justice. Office of the Superintendent of Prisons. U.S. Penitentiary, Atlanta. (1910 - 1930)
Part Of: Record Group 129: Records of the Bureau of Prisons, 1870 - 2009
Arrangement: Files are arranged numerically by inmate registration number.
An alphabetical surname index to this series is available on the NARA web site: Atlanta Federal Penitentiary Case Files

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An alphabetical surname index to this series is available on the NARA web site: Atlanta Federal Penitentiary Case Files

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Inmate Case Files, compiled 1902 - 1921, documenting the period ca. 1880 - ca. 1922 in the NARA catalog

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Atlanta Federal Penitentiary Exhibit on National Archives at Atlanta website
More information about Record Group 129 - Records of the Bureau of Prisons (not all records are available at Atlanta facility)

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NARA Catalog: Atlanta Federal Penitentiary Inmate Case files listing

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