Record Group Number: 79
Creating Organization/Individual: Department of the Interior. National Park Service. Region I. Natchez Trace National Parkway
Location: Tupelo, Mississippi
Series Title: General Administrative Files
Coverage Dates: 1934 - 1964
Accession Numbers: 4NN-3-079-89-02, 4NN-3-079-92-156, 4NN-3-079-92-157, 4NN-3-079-92-158, 4NS-079-93-147, 4NS-079-93-148, 4NS-079-94-68
Arrangement: By National Park Service filing system
Format of records: Textual, photographic print
Quantity: 31 linear feet, 4 linear inches
ARC Identifier: 633608

Detailed Description

This series consists of a broad range of correspondence, memos, and administrative files including memorandums and reports to and from the Washington and regional offices as well as correspondence to the park from the public. The records consist of committee and staff narrative reports, Mission 66 plans, accounting records, and procurement instructions and procedures. They cover such subjects as nature trails, Historic American Building Surveys, construction programs, archaeological research, personnel management, law enforcement within the park, natural resource management, grounds maintenance, and park road and trail improvement. Included in this series are records related to the Meriwether Lewis National Monument.


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