- Record Group 102, Records of the Children's Bureau 1912-1969, contains the files of the first federal agency devoted to the wellbeing of children and mothers. It's accessible in ARC at ARC ID 431.


Print materials are in Civilian Textual Records, National Archives & Records Administration, College Park, Maryland (Archives II).
Photographic materials are in the same building, in the Still Pictures Division; there are also a few films in the Moving Images Division.

Highlights and Tips

- This is a major collection for historians who study US women's lives in the early 20th century. It contains detailed correspondence between Children's Bureau employees and ordinary Americans, particularly mothers, who wrote for the Bureau's advice on matters of childrearing, children's health, and family life. The records are particularly detailed for the period before 1940.
- The box listings for this RG were, as of early 2009, photocopies of handwritten pages. Using them requires understanding the Bureau's numeric filing system, which changed slightly over time. The Central File records are in separate series (with separate box lists); each series in the Central File covers 4 years. [More information to be added later; contact user.cliotropic if you need it for your upcoming visit.]

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